Everyone. Needs. Pictures. Of. Themselves. Pregnant.

You are making a baby with your body, and GIRL. You need to be pampered. Seriously a maternity boudoir session is such a celebration of LIFE and your BODY, and it is the most uplifting way to head into your third trimester! Get spoiled, bring a sweater and comfy undies and maybe a kimono and bra or two, and let’s PAMPER you. Get feeling gorgeous, and TREAT YO’ SELF. I’d recommend getting your session done in your 7th or 8th month for your first babe and your 6th or 7th month for the ones after, when your tummy has popped and you are feelin’ good! Be  SURE to bring snacks and eat a great meal before, so you last the whole session and celebrate the LADY BOSS that you are.