I will forever be grateful to Lyndi at Sugar Rush Boudoir. She has given me the most precious gift. I hired her to take boudoir photos of my 65-year-old mama. My mom hates photos, and truly doesn’t see her beauty. Lyndi made my mama feel beautiful and sexy, and gave me the gift of pictures I can treasure for my entire life. She made my mom feel so special and gorgeous, made her laugh and pose, and the experience of watching my mama feel beautiful was the most incredible experience. Every woman, every mama, no matter the age, should experience this magic. And Lyndi is gifted in bringing this essence out in any woman.  Thank you Sugar Rush Boudoir. I owe you so much!



I’ve been following Lyndi on Instagram for a while now. She’s like this ray of light on my feed! I always knew if I ever did Boudoir photos, I wanted it to be with her. I didn’t think I was ready – I needed to be more toned, tanned, hot. Then Lyndi said something in her stories. She said that you need Boudoir most, not when you feel beautiful, but when you need to feel beautiful. So I booked! I drove the three hours to the studio for my shoot. And let me tell you, if I thought Lyndi was a ray of light on Instagram, she’s the mother freaking SUN in real life. First thing, she gave me this huge hug, the kind that makes you feel warm and welcome. Then she proceeded to tear down all of insecurities and fear, and build up my confidence and self worth. I tell you, by the time I left that room, I felt beautiful. I love my pictures, yes. And I’m so glad that I have them to document that day. But they aren’t the best part. The EXPERIENCE that Lyndi gives is what is exceptional. It was worth every penny, the six hours I spent driving, all of it. If you’re thinking about booking with Lyndi, DO IT! I promise, you won’t regret it!



Lyndi is by far the most amazing person I have met inside and out. I was BEYOND uncomfortable going in to my shoot and she within SECONDS eased all my nerves. We played awesome music, had huge belly laughs the entire time, and I left feeling like a million bucks! Her energy and passion for what she does comes through in every aspect of her work. She is a wizard with light and can make ANY person look and feel amazing. I can’t say enough good things about my session with her, I seriously tell anyone that will listen. It is worth every penny and every. Single. Woman. Should get these done for herself. Of course my husband is obsessed with the pictures, but what it did for my self confidence is worth more than any price tag to me. In an hour she changed my outlook on myself and gave me the power to be a bad ass woman and own it! I can’t say thank you enough.  If you’ve been on the fence about getting your pictures done, JUST DO IT, you won’t regret it.



I want to sat thank you so much for today. You brought out a light in my wife I have never seen. Your personality is absolutely amazing. You have gained a customer life. You truly are amazing.

-Jake, after attending his wife’s maternity boudoir session