Hey lover.

Holy hell I’m so glad you’re here.


Boudoir is fire for the soul. It is a whole lot of vulnerability to let yourself FEEL. It is owning who you are and what you look like and what makes you feel alive. It takes you from doubt to confidence and is truly life-changing. It is the whole reason I show up every day.


I’m Lyndi, your photographer.

I have been in love with bodies and boudoir since the beginning of time, and from the second my husband got me my first camera, this was my dream.


I want to make women feel good.





You are magic. You are a warrior for whatever you have gone through, you are a light to those around you, you are a symbol for all women everywhere because you are freaking COURAGEOUS to do this for yourself. You might be booking a boudoir session for your loved one, but this whole boudoir thing is definitely for you. It is your chance to take a deep breath in, and exhale the power you put into this world. YOU DESERVE THIS.

There is so much that goes into a boudoir session and the whole experience you are about to start on, and I am just so grateful that you chose me to be here for it.


Let’s get this party started.


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